Katy Perry is the new “Ariel” for Covergirl!

We’ve all seen Katy Perry’s bold looks and vivid makeups from coloring her hair to bright purple and pink in almost all of her songs. And now she is about to set foot in the Makeup industry launching a mermaid inspired makeup line in collaboration with Covergirl! Whilst the mermaid trend is all over the internet from mermaid inspired makeup looks to crowns, jewelries, and comfy mermaid fin shaped blankets this is not a bad time to bring  the mermaid products to the makeup stores. katy-perry-covergirl-collaboration-2017 Continue reading “Katy Perry is the new “Ariel” for Covergirl!”


Lana Del Ray’s come back song is a fantasy journey to outer space

The classical Lana is back with a new song after two years and it is a must see! download

The vintage themed new single “Love” video song is dreamy and soothing, travelling to the moon showing the lives of young youthful couples riding in cars and spending hours watching sunsets by the ocean and the calm moonlit walks. Continue reading “Lana Del Ray’s come back song is a fantasy journey to outer space”