Racism: Are we really different?

What is race? Race is a short word with a long history in the United States of America. It is one of the world’s global issues today. We are fundamentally similar to one another than different, rather than making walls why can’t we build bridges and stop the inequality. Race is just like a painting. It was created. It’s a powerful idea, fabricated by the society.


The idea of race originated from the European era of exploration. Europeans like Christopher Columbus traveled overseas and colonized people who looked, talked and acted different. Scientists classified these differences into systems then became the foundation of race as we know today. In the American colonies the first laborers were European servants. When African servants were forcibly brought to Virginia in 1619 the status of a common man was amplified by the amount of wealth they have or by religion. With the development of the slave trade European laborers were replaced to Africans who were to be permanently bondage. The new social structures emerged with the “White English men” on the top followed by the “African slaves” and the “American Indians” at the bottom. The white folks made this very clear to the blacks that they were not equal and they deserved better than them.  Since then racism and discrimination have been used as powerful weapons in times of war and in the criminal judicial systems. It is a sad truth that racism is in our lives like a deep wound as it was decades ago. This is the 21st century and racism and the disparity has been around so long we would have actually overcome it. But ask this question to yourselves. Did we?


Education and reducing prejudice

The minorities are at a huge disadvantage within the educational system. Black students are suspended, expelled and sent to juvenile detention more often than their white peers for the same crimes. They are to get less access to school services being taught by new teachers who are unqualified. According to the U.S education departments 2011-2012 civil rights data collection a survey shows that 5% of the white students were suspended annually whilst a percentage of 16 of black students were expelled during the time period. This survey is conducted every two years and the number of black students who get expelled/suspended increases by number every time. Such type of discrimination lowers the average academic performance of minority students and puts them at a greater risk of dropping school at early ages.

Studies show that countries with more developments and advancement in the educational sector usually tend to make rules and regulations splitting whites and blacks. These practices are not only for the graduates or the high-scholars, they are applying the awful methods to the kindergartners where black students undergo several circumstances just for the enrollment even. Furthermore the black kids are recorded mostly bullied in the schools. If the un-equality is practiced at a small age just comprehend what they would see when they grow up in this racist society where people are judged on point based on their skin color. The “white success and black failure” sayings should be down the drain if not for the cheap thinking of such people.

Racism and the criminal justice system

We are living in an era where there is the thinking that racism is decline. However after the colored television came on air this is a society where people are very much dependent on the media. After the new developments through technology and evolution people evidently make moves/series which represents the black ‘nigga’ as the criminal. If you were told that all Asians are sneaky and all blacks are criminals this is because of the bad influence by the surrounding/upbringing.

According to the latest data’s from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Information, white people are arrested less than the number of blacks arrested. In the United States drug sentences for the black men were 13.1% longer than drug sentences for white men between 2007 and 2009, according to the 2012th report from the U.S sentencing commission. The disparity is true for most recent history making it records that there are less white people jailed for same crimes globally. Not only Americans did hold this grudge for a long period this has spread every – where around the globe.

Employment discrimination

The level of black unemployment has risen through the last years. The figures of unemployment rate country by country are rapidly rising due to the ‘white market’. This indeed is shocking when we look into the type of work they are engaged in also the gross income an average black person receives per year compared to a white common man. The systematic oppression hits the black man easily when there is any downturn in the economy, with the unemployment rate expecting to rise higher and higher. These proceed because of the foreign education and work experience is valued as zero or just not applicable in the job market. Nonetheless surveys show that there are doctors, teachers, lawyers who are black hence they receive the half amount of income correlated to a white.

download (2).jpg

Can we ever ‘erase racism’ from our lives?

After the civil rights movement in the 1950’s and 1960’s the black politicians became influential in passing out laws that reduced the discrimination among us on a global scale. Some of the powerful legal acts that were passed are:-

  • The civil rights act -1964
  • The voting rights act – 1965
  • The civil rights act – 1968

Despite the fact that these acts were published can we really say that racism and discrimination is disappeared? The artificial classification of white and black without any scientifically variable facts the thinking is changing lives of some people. Racism is something we all have witnessed, while many people try to believe that discrimination is no more, yet it is spreading like it did decades ago. As human nature the way we think of something won’t switch, it becomes complex through days. The culture we had won’t be reversed, but redevelop with new ways. Anyhow, we have faith to erase racism from our minds. As Morgan Freeman says ‘stop talking about this’ would be the most sufficient way to give an end to this long held scar. Though, will it?


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