The struggle of parking in Male’city

Male city is the capital of Maldives where thousands of people migrate from nearby islands to have better accommodations and facilities. From several researches it is found that each house hold has minimum 2-3 motorcycles which has become a basic necessity when it comes to living in Male’ as it is the most suitable way to go from one place to another.  The average income of a common man/family evidently allows to use cycles rather than four wheels. However, the complain of today’s generation is that the parking system in the capital city needs to be corrected knowing the fact that the population of the country is increasing.

The busy streets of Male’ and small alleys makes it almost impossible to park in a convenient way. Although there are several parking zones allocated in the city, the number of vehicles keep increasing rapidly. People say that the streets of Male’ are crowded due to systematic failures. Due to parking in front of narrow lanes, the lanes are blocked and it is a huge burden for people whose houses are located on such lanes.

Although the government plans to introduce the mechanical parking system in the future, today the chaos of the streets and the grief the citizens hold  who own vehicles, clearly blame the government for not taking this issue in a concerning manner.


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