Kendall Jenner robbed!

Kendall Jenner’s home was robbed and more than $200,000 worth of jewelry was stolen!


TMZ reported today that Kendall’s house was burglarized on Wednesday afternoon. Kendall left her Hollywood house mansion around noon and returned around 8 pm, hours later Kendall notices some of her jewelry in her bedroom was missing and then called 911 just after 1 am in the morning. Sources revealed that Kendall called them after hearing noises and believing that a thief might be in her room. Luckily the cops came and searched and found no one on the property at the time. Also police found no evidence on force entry and no suspects but cops are now on the hunt.


Photo: Splash news

There have been various burglaries in the city and cops are alarmed. This is the second time the Kardasian/Jenner family has been robbed and some are saying it’s an inside job knowing the fact that these celebrities have strong alarm lock systems as it’s not easy to crack the whole alarm system in the mansion, without any security guards not noticing. The Kardashians better keep their eyes open now.


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