Dental Floss for eyes ?

Ever tried to achieve the classy all time glam cat eye for a night out and you just end up having black huge Panda eyes? Yes! Yes! we’ve all been there and the struggle is real to get the perfect “on-fleek” cat eye, until now!


Although a cat eye brings definition and class to your makeup it is not that easy to draw the even cat eye. It takes an artist hand, some scotch tape, a bit of concealer to fix all the mistakes and hours and hours of practice in front of the mirror. While Pinterest floods with tonnes of makeup hacks to achieve the perfect wing, for most of us we don’t have the time to grab a spoon from the kitchen and spend hours trying to draw the wing which would most definitely make us late.

This makeup artist “Iamsugarcoated” uploaded a video to her Instagram account showing that all you need is a dental floss to get the perfect cat eye! Weird i know!! She grabs a small dental floss and covers it with eyeliner liquid/gel and just stamps it on the end of her eye starting from the bottom and then going for the upper flick resulting in a clean even wing. Later on she fills the wing with the same eyeliner and that’s basically it! “Iamsugarcoated” used this hack as a guide for all the people who want to get that “i’m gonna stab you with my pointy wing” type of eyes.

Watch video here!

However, the makeup genius cautions not to try the hack with mint-flavored dental floss which I imagine would burn quite a bit. But as long as you have the classic, unscented stuff, you should be good to go.

Check out her Instagram account for more beauty hacks and makeup tutorials!


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