It’s been 21 years and the case of Jonbenet Ramsey still remains unsolved! Why?

Jonbenet Patricia Ramsey was a 6 year old beauty pageant queen from Colorado  from a  rich family back then and had done several pageant works like her mom and the day after Christmas in 1996, the little girl was found dead in her own house in the basement.

Photo: Wikipedia

So the story follows as, the Christmas day 1996 the Ramsey family went to a family friends house for dinner and on the way back home and according to them Jonbenet slept in the car and they just took her to her room that night when she was sleeping and didnt wake her after that. In the next morning the day after Christmas her mother Patsy Ramsey walked into the kitchen to make coffee and that’s when she found a ransom note on the stair case in the living room. Surprisingly, the note was taken from a note pad in the kitchen of the house and was 2.5 pages long with different dialogues from famous movies and later in investigations handwriting experts analyzed that the person who wrote the note attempted to write in a different handwriting and later on he/she got tired and carelessly got back into their original writing. And this “note” is very un-natural like who would barge into a house murder a little girl, take note paper from the kitchen and then write a 2.5 page long ransom note sitting in the kitchen table getting ideas from movies! very strange. So back to the story, the note said that they had captured Jonbenet and if they wanted her back they had to give them an amount of $118,000.00 cash which was the exact same amount that John got for his Christmas bonus from his office! which is absolutely  weird and she freaked out called her husband and her son and then they called 911 at around 05:52 am.


Photo: Forensic Outreach

Later in the morning the police came over and searched the entire house for evidences and clues, and at that time the case was considered as a kidnapping as there was a note left. When searching the house John (the father) was helping them considering the number of police working as that house was 3 floors with 15 bedrooms, so while searching he went down the basement and saw Jonbenet’s dead body on the floor. And he lifted the body and took it to the living room and kept it there crying and screaming, which should have been stopped by the police because moving an object from a crime scene is beyond okay even if it’s  the parents. While there were no signs of force entries to the house, there was a broken window in the basement but according to the family the window was broken months ago and they just left it that way thinking that they were living in a safe neighborhood also the broken window was filled with spider webs and dust as it was in the basement. And just like in every murder or kidnapping that happens in the house the family becomes the immediate suspects to the case so they became the immediate suspects too.

Photo:US magazine

So that was how Jonbenet Ramsey got murdered and the theories of who might have killed her as follows.

Theory 1 : It was her brother Burke Ramsey who killed Jonbenet and their parents found out about it and tried to save their remaining kid without loosing them both. This theory is widely believed as the police says the murder weapon was a heavy metal item similar to a “torch/flashlight” that was in the kitchen area, and from the police the postmortem reports said that there were un-digested pineapple pieces in her stomach, which means that she was up that night/midnight whilst her parents said that she slept on their way back home from the dinner. So the theory is as, Burke was eating pineapples late at night as there was a plate of pineapple and milk that was kept in the kitchen which was seen from the forensic photo’s and later Jonbenet got up and tried to take a piece from her bothers plate from hands just like how little kids would do and his brother got angry or mad and took the torch and bam!, smashed it on her head not from the intention to kill her just to send her away and later their parents tried to hide it. After this theory came up his brother was interviewed twice alone by a psychological expert it seems from his interview that he didn’t even search for her and was sleeping in the morning. And experts say that from his talks it revealed that he was jealous of Jonbenet as she was small and got everything she wanted. After the incident Burke was completely away from all the interviews, changed the place he was living and last year he did an interview after 20 years and was smiling in a very uncomfortable way the whole time.

Theory 2: Her mother Patsy Killed her daughter when she found that her husband John was having abusing her in a sexual way.. So it is said that night John was in her daughter’s room and Patsy found about that and killed her. Supporting this theory forensic reports found that there were DNA samples of a male in her underwear, however it could not prove that it was her father’s DNA.

Theory 3: An intruder got into the house in the costume of Santa Clause and raped the little girl and after that killed her and took her into the basement and left the house.

Its been 21 years since the little girl was brutally murdered in her own house and no one knows what else happened to her, but as a human how can someone commit such an awful crime. So, there are different theories as to believe how it happened but the question we ask is why is it still unsolved after all the evidences presented ?


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