Death of Diana, Princess of Wales

Diana, Princess of Wales was the first wife of Prince Charles, eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II. After years Charles and Diana had two sons named William and Harry. However their marriage ended up failing in 1922 and got divorced in 1996. After an year rumors spread that the Princess was having affairs with a man named Dody Fayed,son of an Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed.

On August 31st 1997 Princess Diana and Dody fayed died in a car crash together along with the driver of the car. According to sources there were a lot of paparazzi after the British family specially the princess as she was having a secret relationship after her divorce and the paparazzi’s are constantly following her to capture photos worth thousands of dollars. On the night of the car crash the couple were staying in the Ritz in Paris, as there were paparazzi’s outside the hotel they had made plans to divert the photographers by having fake cars parked outside the main entrance of the hotel and left from the backside. But apparently, they were followed by a group pf paparazzi’s when they were driving through the Pont de l’Alma tunnel and that’s where the crash happened. While Diana and her companion died along with the driver the body guard survived. Unfortunately due to severe head injuries he lost almost all of his memories and was not able to remember what happened in the crash. After the crash the ambulance took about 1 hour 30 to 45 minutes to reach the hospital and reports claim that the ambulance stopped in front of a museum seconds away from the hospital saying that Diana’s condition was getting worse and it wasn’t safe to drive in that condition while they were seconds away from the emergency room. So, it was very bizarre that they just stopped right there. Later that day she was declared dead by the french government and her body was embalmed without having any medical examinations done and the Alma tunnel was clean and open for public without having any forensic investigations done, and this specific thing alarms me so much that after any car crash or accident there will always be forensic investigators checking for evidences in the crime scene  and in this case nothing like that happened.

So, after the accident a lot of reporters brought up tonnes of theories saying that this is not an accident but a pre-planned murder. Her death was all set up and made just to make people believe that it was a normal car crash.

Theory 1: The British family actually were targeting Dody her lover and Diana died by mistake. This one is said because the family was humiliated by Diana’s affair with Dody as he was a Muslim and believed Islamic rules and regulations and they wanted Dody out of her life as Diana remained the princess of wales as their property and it was against the Royal family rules and maybe the crash was only meant to kill him.

Theory 2: People believed that Dody’s father Mohamed didn’t accept Diana as a daughter in law and was completely against her as she was connected to the British royal family and therefore, planned her death and unfortunately his son was also killed.

Theory 3 : The accident happened because of Paul (Driver) as some medical reports say that there was alcohol in his blood and he was drunk driving. However, his family was completely against this report asking for a re-test as Paul was a person who never drank. and  also the bodyguard wouldn’t let a him drive if he was drunk. And interestingly, while the family asked for a re-test no reports have been done till date due to ‘complications’

Theory 4: Prince Charles was behind the death of Diana as he knew that Diana was going to get married to Dody and that she was pregnant with Dody’s child, and it would be a threat to his children William and Harry. And this theory is widely believed as there were some audio tapes of Princess Diana saying that Charles wasn’t the right husband and had abused her in many ways. But since her body was embalmed the same day they couldn’t do a pregnancy test on her.

Theory 5: Princess Diana herself planned the accident as she was tired of all the paparazzi’s following her every footsteps and wanted to be free. Her personal secretaries says that on her last days she was very much depressed as she wanted to be with her two sons and that she needed love in her life. Although she had Dody in her life the British royal family were forcing her to stop all the public works she did and didn’t get any support from the family. According to sources on the night of the car crash she wasn’t wearing her seat belt and it was always seen Diana wearing her seat belt whenever she was in a car except that day, which is a bit rare.


Princess Diana’s mysterious death remains unsolved while she is a global icon an admired mother and a loved daughter.


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