Disney’s remake of Beauty and the Beast’s latest trailer is melting our hearts!

After Disney announced the remake of Beauty and the Beast into a live action movie, we’ve all been waiting and its absolutely magical to see the trailer bringing back memories after 26 years!


The new live action movie is to be released on march 19th and the fans are already saving the date. The movies main character is played by the gorgeous Emma Watson followed by Dan Stewens as the mighty Beast. Luke Evans will fight like geston and Kevin Kline will also appear as Belle’s father Maurice.

Your favorite talking appliances are back and more alive than ever. Lumiére (Ewan McGregor), Mrs. Potts (Emma Thompson), Cogsworth (Ian McKellen), Plumette (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), Madame de Garderobe (Audra McDonald) and Chip (Nathan Mack) chatter away throughout the movie. And Stanley Tucci plays a new character, Cadenza, a harpsichord” Says Times Magazine.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Director Bill Condon said, ” “She is a character in an animated movie, so it is a question of taking these characters and putting them into this extra dimension, putting them into a live-action context, which means adding levels of psychology and nuance, and updating it.”

While Ariana Grande and Jhon Legend sings the updated version of the theme song in all its magical glory the full movie sound track also features a song by Celine Dion.


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