Its official, Kylie Jenner is launching a collection of highlighters in 6 metallic shades!

After the valentines collection this year, Kylie is back with another makeup product and of course it’s”Kylighters”.

Kylie Jenner dropped the news on snapchat in the typical kylie style, swatching all the shades and they are drop dead gorgeous! Earlier today Kylie posted an Instagram video saying ” Can’t hold it in any longer .. My HIGHLIGHTERS launch in 6 DAYS!!! Worked extra hard on these for you guys & I really hope you love this silky formula as much as I do …💕tune into my Snapchat right now to see all the swatches #feb28 #kylighters@kyliecosmetics” and every beauty lover is prepping their cheekbones for february 28th! because, why not ? These highlighters are stunning with the signature Kylie dropping design and is suitable for all skin tones. The smallest in the Kardashian/Jenner family is slowly becoming a successful entrepreneur in the makeup industry.


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